Screenshot of the Blender UI with an origami Pig


I was curious how different GPUs perform with the internal Blender 2.8X EEVEE renderer. To my surprise I couldn’t find (m)any comparisons.

So I modeled an origami pig and made a quick and dirty benchmark. Mainly to compare how different GPU and CPU combinations perform when they render 10 frames of Animation.

EEVEE performance – Rendering 10 frames of animation.
The same setups benchmarked with the Unigine Valley Benchmark (Basic preset)
And the Furmark benchmark “720p” preset

Some of my conclusions:

-Older gaming GPUs that still perform decent in games are really slow

-Internal GPUs that perform pretty bad in games perform much better in EEVEE than I thought

-With older hardware: You can’t judge the EEVEE performance of a GPU from gaming-benchmarks

-Some EEVEE FX and Features are not supported by older GPUs (probably buggy drivers?)

And by the way: If you want to improve your EEVEE render performance for animations / image sequences – don’t forget that a single instance of blender never maxes out your GPU. Sometimes you need around 2 to 4 instances of blender to max out your system.

If you want to try the benchmark yourself: Here’s the download link: