FirMark released at Revision Demoparty 2023

FirMark is a DirectX 11 Benchmark inspired by the amazing “Furmark” – which I really adore.

Download program: on
Stream MP4: Still-FirMark-1080p-60fps.mp4

Since no techniques like LODs were used, this is a very fill rate intensive benchmark. Each little tree gets the same amount of love and affection from your GPU.

FirMark was made in the amazing Tooll3 with some help and hints by Pixtur.

If you want to know more about Tooll visit:

Screenshot of the Blender UI with an origami Pig


I was curious how different GPUs perform with the internal Blender 2.8X EEVEE renderer. To my surprise I couldn’t find (m)any comparisons.

So I modeled an origami pig and made a quick and dirty benchmark. Mainly to compare how different GPU and CPU combinations perform when they render 10 frames of Animation.

EEVEE performance – Rendering 10 frames of animation.
The same setups benchmarked with the Unigine Valley Benchmark (Basic preset)
And the Furmark benchmark “720p” preset

Some of my conclusions:

-Older gaming GPUs that still perform decent in games are really slow

-Internal GPUs that perform pretty bad in games perform much better in EEVEE than I thought

-With older hardware: You can’t judge the EEVEE performance of a GPU from gaming-benchmarks

-Some EEVEE FX and Features are not supported by older GPUs (probably buggy drivers?)

And by the way: If you want to improve your EEVEE render performance for animations / image sequences – don’t forget that a single instance of blender never maxes out your GPU. Sometimes you need around 2 to 4 instances of blender to max out your system.

If you want to try the benchmark yourself: Here’s the download link: